How can we help?

We want to give you the most thorough and comprehensive information and advice possible to enable you to determine your options and next steps. If you are an employer having employee or business issues, we provide both legal and practical advice about how to deal with them. If you are an employee with a complaint about your employer, we evaluate your individual situation and identify whether, and if so what type, of recourse you may have, the procedures available to you, and the time limits for pursuing them. We believe that it is important for our clients to know both our legal opinions and, more importantly, the reasoning behind them to enable you to make informed decisions on what is best for you going forward. When you come to our office you will meet with an attorney, not a non-attorney who “screens” you to determine if you are worth the attorney’s time; and we will take whatever time is needed to answer all of your questions.

It is our firm belief that litigation should be avoided if it is possible to do so. Very few people who have been through the realities of a lawsuit have enjoyed it. Most have found it to be an extremely anxious, uncertain, and disruptive time in their lives and businesses. For that reason we always attempt to resolve disputes informally. We also try to save you money by providing information about available measures you can take yourself, without hiring an attorney. But for those times when it is necessary to litigate, it is our policy to provide the most vigorous and effective representation possible, to keep you fully informed of all developments, and to provide you with an opportunity to evaluate upsides and downsides of potential alternative courses of action during the process to the full extent legally and ethically permitted. We encourage our clients to ask any questions they may have at any time; and we do not believe that “because I’m the lawyer and I say so” is an acceptable answer. We believe that your understanding of the process, including the legal and practical realities, is extremely important in assisting us to help you achieve your litigation goals.